Apr. 7th, 2013

A good weekend, & fairly productive. Broke down & bought a copy of The Hobbit while Mom & I were getting groceries, which I though Samuel at least would enjoy, but when he & Jeff weren't making preparations for another Scout trip next weekend, he was more interested in playing with his DS. According to Isaac, their mother has been curtailing the amount of time Samuel can play, & much as I dislike the woman, credit where it's due.

Speaking of Scouts, Jeff had new patches for me to sew on Samuel's shirt yesterday evening. Tried using very fine fishing line at first, but I couldn't see my stitches (as bad, if not worse, as black-on-black) so I got disgusted & dug some khahi-ish thread out of Mom & my supplies. None of the stitches on the other patches I sewed on Samuel's shirt had burst anyway, so these should last till Samuel either gets new patches or a new shirt.

Couldn't pry Samuel away from his DS to watch a movie, but while I was looking up next weekend's weather for Pottsboro he came into my room & began telling me about a planned trip to the Georgia Aquarium this summer (hint-hint), so of course I went to the Aquarium's website & we looked at aquatic critters. I have to admit I was impressed by the variety of exhibits & the thought taken to engage the interest of children. (A live, albeit tiny, coral reef? Wow!) I can certainly see way Samuel is so excited--I'd like to go myself.

Regarding Isaac: I feel cautiously optimistic, the counselor he's been seeing for the last few months seems to have done him some good, he seems to be more aware of other people's feelings & less of a smart-alec lately. Also, for the last few weeks he's been acting as caregiver for a man with a pacemaker waiting for a heart to become available, & needs someone to make sure his batteries don't run out, keep him on his diet, cook, shop, etc., & he seems to be doing a pretty good job of it (& quite proud of himself, too). Would never have thought of that kind of work for Isaac, but on the other hand, he's looked after younger children at home & in the Scouts (at his Eagle ceremony some of the scoutmasters even praised the care he took of younger kids) since he was about 9 years old, so he certainly has experience. &, annoying behaviors aside, he's basically a good kid...young man...(gods & ancestors, he'll be 20 next month!)

Mom's made a few noises about seeing a neurologist since the retina specialist gave her a pass last week, but also complained that she didn't like the doctor who took over the practice when her previous neurologist died a few years ago, but she hasn't make any effort to find another, so I'm just keeping an eye on her. She seems to have completely recovered from the bronchitis she had & is pretty much able to take up her normal activities with occasional help from the rest of us, but she is sleeping more than she was & her arthritis is sometimes so bad I have to open jars, etc. for her. But her mind is as lucid as it ever was, & after seeing a couple of our neighbors decline into dementia I'm heartily thankful of that.

Finished with Drift, & should finish The Magistrates of Hell by tomorrow evening, so guess I should print a copy of my reading list to go through & find which ones are available at the local library & which I'll have to order. Last time I was at the library it hadn't yet become overrun with students doing their term papers at the last minute, so perhaps I should pack a lunch & spend the day going down my list (hey, it's 11 pages long, & some of those books are rather obscure) before the thundering herds arrive.



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