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Well, the government shutdown means Samuel's Scout troop doesn't know whether they'll be able to go on their hiking & rock-climbing trip next weekend or not. Meanwhile, Jeff & I had a good, if malicious, laugh at the howling & backtracking on the part GOP officials in states that depend heavily on income from tourists visiting national parks.

Had given up taken a couple of painkillers last night, & with it being another rainy morning & not getting to sleep till an obscene hour, I was drowsily trying to decide whether or not to get up when our neighbor Lisa came over to borrow our phone, as it's a land line, & all her electronics were out. She spent some time trying to get it straightened out, of course in today's corporate business model different departments in the same company don't communicate with each other, & neither know nor care how any other department operates; such is the service economy.

The kitchen doors are still in the workshop, I don't know whether they'll need another coat of paint or are ready to put up as soon as the rain stops, & don't much care as long as I don't have a headache & runny eyes & nose from cleaning fluids, primer, etc. I've noticed that I've been in a better mood since Mom & I moved the doors into the workshop to paint them; well, constant allergy symptoms aren't good for anybody's mood.

Vegetable beef stew for supper, but from Mom's recipe, so, bland, but very tender meat with a good flavor, & can always add seasoning to my bowl, or sneak some in when we reheat it. Had finished the dishes & settled down to look at the news & send off some emails to Congresscritters when Mom came in to apologize for breaking a pretty dessert plate Michael gave me years ago. Not expensive, but pretty, & a gift from a nephew, so, irritating, though partly my fault, Mom has always handled everything fairly roughly, if I don't want things broken, they shouldn't be anyplace she might handle them. Oh, well; I still have a frosted votive Michael gave me, I've lit a candle & am having a lemonade while enjoying the soft candlelight.

Don't know if the doors &/or the weather will be dry enough to bring them back in & put them up, but as the Scouts say, Be Prepared, so I'll be hitting the sheets.

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