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Got the last of the Barbie clothes I ordered for the Fenix & Cyplops' little girl. Prettiest little Halloween witch costume I've ever seen, Elizabeth should go nuts over it, the Thanksgiving/harvest/general autumn motif dress & the petticoat & underwear set. Much gratitude to fyrdrakken for recommending crafters on Etsy; as long as Elizabeth likes dolls, I won't be stuck for a present for her!

As long as I was spending money, I broke down & bought two brands of green nail polish as well; hopefully, one or the other will be the exact shade I've been looking for. If not, I'll use 'em to color code things--Jeff's threatening to change the locks on the storage sheds & workshop so Mom won't get her hands on his power tools & damage them. (You'd think Mom would handle tools more carefully, as her father & grandfather both having been sheet metal workers.)

Speaking of Jeff, he asked me whether Mom had seen Dr. Bentley yet--I guess he thought Bentley was an internist instead of her ophthalmologist, & was annoyed that she'd changed her mind about seeing an internist after she'd made such a fuss about wanting a new one & he'd given her his doctor's card. Can't say I blame him, Monday before last I got pretty aggravated at waiting all morning for Mom to get up so we could go to the doctor, only to have her decide she wanted to wait till after she'd had her eye checkup. At least her eyes are doing as well as can be expected at her age, & much better than most!

Not such a good day for Isaac, he dropped his brand new phone & cracked the "glass", & his mother flew off the handle with him about it, as usual. For somebody who's done such downright spacy things in her life, you'd think she'd be pretty understanding about accidents. Oh, well. At least I could let him use my net connection to do some research on the game mod he's working on. (Still think he should've stuck with the automotive repair program, I'm dubious about the company hiring him when the internship is over--just got through reading about yet another wage theft scram by a high-tech company.)

Samuel doesn't seem too disappointed that he & Jeff didn't go camping this weekend after all, though he was supposed to get his cooking/meal planning badge. Asked him to help me peel & cut up some peaches for dessert & found that he can handle a knife more deftly than I can; guess I shouldn't be surprised, Samuel has excellent motor skills.

Jeff's talking about washing the truck, & Mom talking about sweeping up this year's crop of acorns, so I guess tomorrow's going to be busy. I Mom sleeps late, maybe I can get Samuel to help me get up the acorns before it gets too hot.

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