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Mom & I were at her ophthalmologist longer than expected this morning, they did a whole series of tests, one of which they had to re-do, & Mom pretty well wore herself out worrying over some decline in the strength of her right eye, so she napped for quite a while once we got home.

Don't know whether Mom hasn't written to Uncle LZ for a couple of weeks, or if he'd misplaced her last letter, but he called this afternoon while she was napping to ask if she was OK. Well, LZ's last stint surgery went awry, & between nearly bleeding to death & discovering he's allergic to morphine, I decided he didn't need to worry about Mom, so I told him she was OK, just busy, then talked about Lindsey & Michael's, & Mike & Anne's weddings, & his 2nd surgery, which is scheduled for Mon. Also told him I'd talk to Jeff about our going up to visit him & his wife after he's had a chance to recover & rest up from the coming surgery.

Caught Jeff up on Mom's doctor visits a little while ago, told him about LZ's call, & asked him about scheduling a visit some time soon. The condition LZ & Mom are in, Jeff is tentatively considering having the boys take a day off school & a day off from his job, so we can visit during a weekday when the trip will be easier on Mom.



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