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OK, got the presents to the friends' kids sent off, got most of the cards sent, & got the mini-loaf pan I ordered from Amazon. Just going to throw cash at the niece & nephews--though a little less for Samuel, he decided last Sun. he wanted to adopt a humpback whale, which will have to be his birthday present now. Have my eye on a small cut-glass bud vase at the resale store for Cheri, & a stack of mystery/thrillers for Steve. So, I just have the last few cards to finish, & ingredients for the fruit bread to buy, then I can begin baking Xmas week--if Mom doesn't go into a candy-making frenzy. If she does, maybe I can get the kitchen to myself by volunteering to help--cooks always like it when someone else does the cleanup.

Meanwhile, I bumped acquisition of an adult tricycle to the head of the list, it's just getting too difficult to manage carrying anything heavy or bulky any distance while supporting myself on a cane.

Broke down & bought copies of Deer Hunting with Jesus & the HBO version of Parade's End as long as I was ordering from Amazon. Read excerpts of Deer Hunting on Joe Bageant's blog & elsewhere, looking forward to reading the whole thing.

Watched Parade's End yesterday. Have to say I was disappointed, even allowing for the limitations of time & budget, there wasn't enough attention paid to the social & political background for the viewer to really understand the characters' motivations or what effect events are having on the characters' emotions. Some events that could have been used to communicate some of the sociopolitical context & the effects it had on the people in those times were played as comedy, which glosses over & trivializes issues that were literally matters of life & death at the time, & many of which are still with us today. In the end, the series' themes basically amounted to the romantic triangle among Sylvia, Christopher & Valentine & Christopher & Valentine's betrayal by their friends Vincent & Ethel--& if I wanted a period drama focused entirely on the romantic & personal lives of the characters with no reference to larger political events, I'd have gone for a dramatization of Austen's books.

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