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Mom still hasn't made a decision about her med. ins., & winds up treating me to a solo precision display of bad temper, directed at D.C. in general & Obama in particular. Finally got tired of it & told her that this mare's nest of an insurance act was first proposed by Tricky Dick back in the '60s & devised by the Heritage Foundation. Pouting, but the pointless histrionics trailed off. As with everything else, I'm willing to help Mom out with whatever she needs, but I'm not going to waste my time listening to long tirades about how awful it all is.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Jones, a friend of Mom's who's been ailing for some time & had been in the hospital recently,
died Wednesday, & I was on the phone (I might as well have that thing surgically attached to my ear) to the neighbors who knew her, & my brother Steve, who's good friends with her son, also named Steve. Mrs. Jones was being buried Friday in Durant, & Mom & I were going to skip it, but Steve was lucky enough to get Friday off & was going to give support to his friend, so he & Cheri offered to drive us up with them in their big-ass SUV--which is a pain for Mom & me to climb into, but I admit is a lot more comfortable for a long drive.

Just a brief ceremony at the cemetery, then friends & family visited & caught up with each other for a much longer time. Our family wound up heading back to TX together, stopping off for the two Steves to buy cigarettes & chewing tobacco at the Choctaw store, then at a little mom-&-pop restaurant the guys always used to eat at when they went fishing in Texoma. I can see why the guys were so set on having lunch there: best crab I've had, ever.

Almost feel guilty that going to a funeral was such a pleasant outing, but it was pleasant to catch up with people I grew up with & meet their families.

With all the focus on going to Mrs. Jones' funeral, I'd forgotten that this weekend was one when Jeff gets the boys all weekend; I only remembered when I heard Samuel saying hello to Mom in the living room. I was surprised again when I went out to help Steve & Samuel carry things in from the truck & found that Isaac had decided to come over as well. Gather the Arkansas Airhead has been haranging him about getting a job again so he wanted some time away from his mother. Can't say I blame the Airhead for being concerned--& hell, I worry about Isaac--but he's applied at a lot of places & even got a couple of call-backs, so why's the damn woman still nagging him? Ahhhh!

Mom & I talked calmly with Isaac about his job prospects for a while, then I went back to my room to look at the news. Buuut, Nephew Samuel is in a hyper, needy mood this weekend, so after being interrupted several times to admire his clay figures (they actually are admirable--a deinonychus less than an inch tall & with correct proportions) & listen while he told me about the extinct life forms he'd recently learned about, I gave up & went googling pictures & articles about the critters.

The boys were both looking to earn a little money, & there's always something to do around here, so Mom had Isaac helping her clear stuff from the workshop while Samuel cleaned acorns & leaves off the driveway & sidewalk. Or he was supposed to--I got tired watching him wave the broom around & took over the sweeping the stuff into a shovel while Samuel held it, then dumped it into a trash bag. Had another talk about dinosaurs, & went on to various events in human history, & ended up explaining about modern constitutional monarchy & parliamentary rule. Don't know if any of it made an impression, but the kid's not going to grow up as clueless as a lot of the other young people these days if Jeff & I can help it.

Supper time; better go ask Jeff if he'd like any help cooking.



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