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Finally stopped raining yesterday morning, a good thing because there were twice as many acorns on the driveway & sidewalk as at the beginning of the week. Mom remarked while we were sweeping them up & shoveling them into bags that it's a pity pecans don't bear as many nuts as our red oak does. Agreed--though if the worst comes to the worst & we have to start eating acorns, we'll certainly be well supplied.

Was a good day for cleaning up acorns; cool, strongish blustery winds, but quite welcome with temps in the mid-to-high 70s. Beautiful clear blue sky with feathery wisps of clouds, & the crystalline blue autumn light. Love that particular quality of autumn light, though living in the Metroplex we don't see it much because of the smog.

Had considered wearing a costume & handing out candy to the kids this Halloween, but Mom & I both could hardly walk after cleaning up acorns, so we draped a black garbage bag over my little typing table, put a big box of candy on it with a note for kids to "take two", let the kids have at it. & there were a lot of kids trick-or-treating this year--I thought we had plenty for any trick-or-treaters & would have some left over, but it was all gone by about 8:30.

May post more later--or maybe not, the first thing Mom said to me this morning was a tirade that "Obamacare" was "going to mess people up", & while I'm far from enchanted by either Obama or the ACA, I'm so tired of the years of GOP hysteria, lies & political games on the subject I sat down & wrote a long note explaining that it was actually the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation & first proposed by Tricky Dick Nixon. Which led to a display of mild, if rather confused in its object, outrage from Mom. But the bright side is that it looks like Mom isn't as averse to my being actively involved in her business as I thought she'd be, she ended her rant by asking me to look over her ins. co.'s new policy. I may not need an IV stand of Valium after all..
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