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Didn't get the acorns swept off the driveway or trim the crepe myrtle outside my window today, it was raining on & off all day, but as always there was plenty else to do. First thing Mom wanted when she got up was for me to make an appointment to have her hair done, but the salon's answering machine wasn't working; Mom got it into her head that it was our phone at fault & started out to Radio Shack to buy a new one, & rather than try to stop her march to the door, I grabbed the phone & went with her--needed new batteries for the display anyway. Once the batteries were replaced at the store I managed to convince her that we didn't need a new phone, & back home, she held still long enough to understand the actual problem.

The new paint on the windowframes in the kitchen has dried enough we can put the curtains back up, & while Mom ironed them, I attempted to log on to her insurance company's website & get a look at her records to see if I can determine whether she really had double-paid for one month. Couldn't, though I very conscientiously entered the ID & PIN numbers the cust. svc. rep. told me were the correct ones yesterday. So, I'll have to either call the company back, which is a can of fat, writhing worms or let it go. I'm inclined to the former, as I don't have power of attorney & I don't want Mom working herself into another semi-hysterical state for a while.

Had just given up on the ins. company when Mom came in & announced that she'd run out of the spray she uses on the curtains, & needed more envelopes & paper for writing letters, & I needed shampoo, so rather than futz around the house on a sticky, dismal day, I went with, & introduced her as my mother to one of the cashiers I'm friendly with; it never hurts to be on pleasant terms with the staff of a store where you do a lot of business.

Mom & I got the curtains back up; noticed Mom was having some difficulty climbing up & down the stepladder, but didn't say anything, it would only upset her & she's in a continual state of anxiety & frustration anyway.

Called the_blue_fenix for a brief visit & to ask how the healing from her surgery is going. Mutual commiseration for worries over her kids & my nephews, but she seemed pleased at being offered some decorative barrettes for her daughter. (When my hair got long because I didn't have time to get it cut during an intensive training course years ago I went a bit crazy with accessories--hey, it was the first time in my life I'd had really long hair--& have oodles of small barrettes from styles that didn't work out.)

Came across an article about the effects of B12 deficiency on mood, concentration, etc., & I've certainly been more short-tempered & irritable than even the recent family & political stress can entirely account for, so I'll try taking some of that as well as my usual Centrum Silver. If it doesn't improve my mood, at least it may help stave off some of the hordes of cold/flu bugs that will soon be upon us.

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