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Jeff & Samuel won't be going rock climbing with the Scouts this weekend after all. Samuel said something epically stupid at school today, giving his teacher cause for concern that he'd hurt himself, with the inevitable cascading results. Of course the Arkansas Airhead didn't call Jeff to let him know she was taking him to Children's Medical for observation, Isaac called Jeff after he got home & his stepfather Curtis told him what was going on. The psychiatrist at Children's told Judi that Samuel was just acting out & sent him home, but Samuel will be starting therapy Monday. Apparently there have been other "incidents", as Judi so delicately puts it; gee, I wonder why--the kid gets more attention & consistent discipline when he's over here on weekends.

Well. Jeff's taking off work Monday because he wants to talk to Samuel's therapist so he'll have a fuller picture of the situation, & Jeff & Samuel will be here this weekend instead of with the Scouts. Don't know if Isaac will be over as well, but can't say I'll really blame him if he isn't: tense doesn't even cover it.

Meanwhile: Mom & I moved one of the kitchen doors out of the workshop this morning & put it on sawhorses outside. It seems the biohazardous fumes in the workshop weren't paint, just cleaner, & the painting has yet to commence. Delightful; but at least it's outside--I don't know about Mom, you'd think with a husband, two kids, & two grandkids all being asthmatic she'd schedule projects involving noxious chemicals more carefully...on the other hand, Gran'pappy not bothering to do anything to even keep the cold wind from blowing threw the holes in the walls during the wintertime, not to mention the damn big rats, I guess I can understand why she's so fixated (compulsive, even) about the condition of the house. Just wish it didn't involve so many chemicals.

Should be dry enough tomorrow for me to sweep the latest fall of acorns off the driveway, & check the crepe myrtle branches outside my window to see if they need trimming back again. Think it's about time to scatter the bluebonnet seeds too, though I don't know if they'll sprout, long as they were sitting around in the trinket box Rose gave Mom. Got some beading & jewelry work done during the rainy days, the biggest being restringing & putting a new clasp on Granny M's black & crystal necklace, that's '50s vintage at least, & maybe '30s. Not entirely satisfied, it had broken at the original clasp & there are some beads missing, but it will take a bit of looking to replace them.

Also pulled out a couple of Granny's brooches for replating, I'm putting that off  till we get through carrying the kitchen doors in & out of the workshop & there's room to turn around again.

Bugger. The Arkansas Airhead just called wanting to talk to Jeff, who was too upset to stand talking to her, so I took the message that Samuel had had an asthma attack at the hospital (figures), & wants to keep him at home this weekend while she gives him a nebulizing treatment. If I thought that...creature...ever thought enough about other people to consider the effect her actions had on them, I'd swear she was trying to give Jeff a heart attack or stroke. As it is, I could cheerfully & enthusiastically beat the wench to a pulp--old as I am & wobbly as my bad knee is, I think I could take her. (Snarl.)

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