Nov. 3rd, 2014

I think Elizabeth enjoyed the Halloween & Thanksgiving Barbie outfits as much as I thought she would; I noticed the little witch's hat on the kitchen table when I left. : D

Still a bit tired out from the weekend; had a marvellous time socializing & catching up with people I hadn't seen in quite a while, *in the flesh*, & oinking out on Russ's excellent brisket. Keeping an eye on the kids while Louann had a rest was pretty energy consuming, esp. as Andrew & Alex (Alix?) were like two halves of a critical mass! Managed to avoid damage to persons or property, though, which with excited kids hopped up on sugar & waving around wooden swords, staffs, etc., is an unqualified success.

The Dome is probably the best place to sleep in Central Texas, I only got up at some unhallowed hour to put my Jedi cloak over my feet when they got cold, & was up earlier & felt more refreshed than I thought I'd be Sun. morning. Miss Elizabeth insisted on helping me get ready for the day by combing my hair (good job, too), & I had a very brief walk round the Dome before the wind chased me back inside. Then we all watched the latest Doctor Who ep (gods of all my ancestors!!! (also, euw!)) & Russ supplied me with a generous amount of brisket & a loaf of the wonderful homemade bread someone brought before I left.

Guess Mom intends to give the upholstery & curtains a thorough clean before while the weather is mild enough to have the windows open, she had the curtain in her room down for washing today. Hopefully she'll want to do Jeff's curtains tomorrow, it's voting day, & the kitchen curtains are a bit tricky to get down & will need ironing before going up again, I don't want to wrestle with them if I've had to stand around for any length of time, & I don't want her wrestling with them by herself, period. (I prefer her not to wrestle with curtains by herself at all, but Jeff or I can't be here *all* the time...)



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