Oct. 27th, 2014

Noticed a few roses blooming when I went to look for a box in the storage shed this morning; two pink & one dark, velvety red, on the small side, esp. the red, but the best I've seen in weeks. The stems were short, so I put them in the short blue crockery vase, but I'm thinking now that they'd've looked prettier in the black glass or one of the smaller green glass. (I've almost given up on ceramic vases.)

Thought I had more to donate to the Kidney Fund, but I guess I'd taken most of the things I intended to donate to the American Trooper store. At least the dress, one of the two I bought for Lindsey or Mike's wedding then decided wasn't dressy enough, is in perfect condition, having never been worn.

Still trying to nudge Mom into going to the doctor, still unsuccessfully. But at least she said "I'll get around to it eventually." Just have to keep working on that glacier...

The green nail polish I ordered arrived today; hallelujah! finally found the exact shade of metallic emerald/leaf green I've been looking for. The other was more of an olive drab shade, but the green dominates so it looks OK. Didn't get the last Barbie dress I ordered, but if it doesn't arrive by Fri. I'll just add it to Miss Elizabeth's Xmas prezzie. I may anyway, I've already got the other dresses & accessories in a box with one of the dolls we used to keep for Lindsey. (Looks like it's going to be quite a while, if ever, that Lindsey or Mike present me with grandnieces.)



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