Sep. 12th, 2013

Looks like the altruists in DC are hellbent on another war in the Middle East which will result in nothing but more billions of dollars of war costs that ordinary Americans must somehow pay for, thousands of innocent Syrians killed, maimed, & traumatized, & yet more justifiable hatred & resentment of the US abroad. But I'm sure "defense" industries will rake in cash by the truckload, & I'm sure that's the most important thing.

Well, I did all I reasonably could signing petitions & expressing my views to my nominal representatives, & I'll continue to let the maggot-infested turds my opinions (albeit expressed more politely), but I'm not going to obsess over it.

Finally got round to taking a box of bric-a-brac & clothes to the charity store that recently opened nearby. Intend to donate the bowls & cups & saucers from my old dining set as well, but Mom decided now was a good time down & repair & repaint (why can't she do these things in the springtime or early fall?) the windbreak on the back steps & stored the pieces in the shed, & I frankly don't feel trying to get around them to take out my cart & a box big enough to put my dishes in right now; time enough when we get the windbreak back up.

Meanwhile, have been collecting recipes for fruit breads other than banana & pumpkin, & looking for affordable mini loaf pans. Finally found what I wanted--manufactured in the US, too!--this morning; interestingly enough, similar sets manufactured abroad cost only slightly less, so I think I'll do my bit to support US manufacturing & labor.

Finally broke down & got a PayPal account as fewer & fewer online merchants are willing to accept personal checks or money orders, & I don't want to get drawn into the credit card con game. Oh, I'm sure PayPay is also a con at some level--it's the brainchild of an anti-tax, anti-statist, misogynist Libertarian loon, after all, but, Scylla & Charybdis...

On a less sour note, I while I was out taking a donation to the charity store, I decided I'd swing by Dollar General for a junk food fix, & found a copy of Val McDermid's A Place of Execution. Wow, can that woman write! I'm barely 20 pages in, & it's already so much clearer than in the TV program how & why such events could have taken place.



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