Sep. 5th, 2013

Well, house- & dog-sitting for the fenix & cyclops was a very nice little break from my usual routine, as I told the cyclops, I enjoyed myself so much I almost felt guilty accepting pay for it. I think the dogs remembered me, they settled down & didn't give me any trouble aside from being a little restless, I think from spending so much time inside--I let them out around 6am & let them back in whenever it hit 100 degrees, which was before 11am most days. I got bit more rambling around the property in than the last time I housesat, this time I thought to bring my boots & insect repellant, & though I didn't manage to make a complete circuit of the property, I covered a good bit before the heat & my limp sent me back indoors. I think walking in a field is actually easier on my feet & joints than walking on pavement, & walking around open fields in an area that's still largely rural certainly makes a pleasant change from walking around the same old neighborhood of block after block of '50s frame houses & generic shopping centers.

Took the opportunity of having a kitchen to myself to cook a posole from a recipe I got from Jeff. I'm sure it would've been better if I could've found exactly the ingredients called for instead of having to make do, but it turned out OK, tasty & satisfying, though next time I'm using chicken bouillon instead of broth--bouillon usually has a better flavor, & it's easier to adjust the measurements if you need to tweak a recipe.

Got tired of wallowing in the riches of the fenix & cyclops' TV & library, & the cyclops hinted that I use some rapidly browning bananas to make banana bread, so as long as I had a kitchen to play in, I found a simple recipe online & made a loaf. I thought it was "meh", & my family recipe was much better, but cyclops liked it, so guess the bananas didn't get squashed in vain.

I'd lost track of "Who" after about this season's 3rd episode, so of course the cyclops insisted I catch up while I was at their place & viewing it on their big screen TV. I'd pretty much forgotten everything about this season, so I watched it from the beginning; OK, I admit it, the quality of the equipment does make a difference in the impact a program makes (Happy, cyclops, you big ol' technogeek?), though to be sure, the cyclops had me at "the missing Doctor" & "Time War".

Regarding the fenix & cyclops' kids, I'm happy to say I nailed it with "Mini-Weapons of Mass Destruction" for Andrew, & as for Elizabeth, she's a very girly kind of girl & likes the colors pink & purple, so I couldn't miss with a Barbie in a purple dress. The kids were happy enough with their gifts they took them with them in the car; if only all my gift selections turned out so well.

Got home just before 11am on Tues., & was settling into my routine after scurrying around stuffing dirty clothes in the wash & everything else to their regular places when Mom came into my room needing me to make a dental appointment for her. Thought she might give the clinic nearby a try, the dentist there seemed to do a pretty good job when I broke a tooth last year, but they wouldn't accept her insurance, so I had to make one with the dentist a little further away; oh, well. Later, when Jeff got home he told me our next door neighbor had asked if we'd look after her dog this weekend, so we went over & got basic instructions. (Looks like Jeff & I are becoming the go-to people for dogsitting.)

Turns out Mom's teeth were OK, it was food particles caught between her teeth that were making her jaws ache. I admit I was mildly irritated when Mom told me her dentist had given her a water pick years ago but had stashed it in a drawer or cabinet somewhere & now there are critical parts missing; I'm either too tired or too used to Mom's crazy-making antics to react anymore, I just grabbed my broad-brimmed straw hat & went to Dollar General for a package of the little brushes I use. & as her birthday's next month, perhaps I should look at electric toothbrushes too.

Speaking of Oct.: Fencon. That is, barring unexpected emergencies/expenses, I should be able to attend at least one day.



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