Aug. 27th, 2013

Okey-doke: picked up chicken stock & a couple of poblanos for making posole, but I'm going to borrow thyme--neither grocer's I went to had so much as a flake, & of course by that time my feet & knee were hurting in spite of frequent rest stops & popping 2 aspirin, so bugger it. When I've rested up & cooled off a little more, I'll get up & finalize my preparations for going over to the fenix & cyclops' place. I'm fairly sure Elizabeth will like her present, Andrew I'm not so sure about, but I thought "Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction" would be an appropriate gift for a kid who likes explosions--he should certainly be able to make some explosions in his sand pile with some of those models!

Catching up on family news: Mom's back is a little better, but she's given up her notion of repainting my room for now (thank you, gods & ancestors). Jeff's tail is still dragging from kayaking, etc. with Samuel at Scouts. Nephew Michael's ex-fiancee kept the ring, but he considers himself to have gotten off cheaply, it seems to have been a case of the bride's family expecting him to support all of them. Meanwhile, he's begun his residency & loves being a psychiatrist (though whether he'll be a good one or "meh", only time will tell), & he has a new girlfriend. (What a surprise, a handsome young doctor being able to get a new girlfriend within weeks of calling off his wedding.) Steve & Cheri say Lindsey has gotten less flighty since she & her boyfriend Mike got a house together. Hope so; Steve & Cheri are only a couple of years younger than me, & Steve's demotion to assistant mgr., after approx. 30 years being a manager, is disquieting.

Speaking of disquieting, got a couple of emails back from Ted Cruz aka the Canadian Usurper. Standard empty GOP verbiage, but then I don't expect anything else from the modern GOP, I just write/email to register my lack of consent to their crazy & hateful antics.

'Nuff of that; I'm tired & sore & have stuff to do before I morph into a giant specimen of the gourd family.



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