Aug. 13th, 2013

Mom's still having some back pain & trouble bending over, & hasn't said anything recently about painting my room while I'm housesitting, so I don't know whether that's still on or not. She hasn't gone to the doctor either, but Cheri encouraged her to do so in her letter today, so maybe now Mom will consider it. Meanwhile, I continue to get my room ready in case she does try to paint, throwing out or giving away a lot of things I don't need/want. I'm particularly inclined to accumulate papers, either business & medical records, or just useful or interesting information, & Labors of Heracles, what a job it is going through them; I spent most of yesterday just separating essential from the inessential & bagging it for recycle, & then only the most essential--too long, actually; today I'm worn out from all the climbing around shelves, digging through drawers, & carrying loads out to the shed where we keep recycle bags. But the biggest part of getting rid of papers is done, I mostly need to get rid of financial & med. statements over 10 years old. As for knickknacks, clothes, etc., guess I'll go ahead & (finally) throw out the tattered jeans that are only fit to wear around the house, & I'll dig around the shed tomorrow & see if I can find a bigger box for all the knickknacks I'm taking to the charity resale store. While I'm at it, I need to find a box to pack my housesitting things...

AND, I want to get just a little more accomplished before I turn into a vegetable of the gourd family, so I wind this up.



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