Mar. 14th, 2013

Jeff & Samuel didn't arrive home till after 9pm last night, so we were loading camping gear & food into the new car, & putting the lawnmower into the truck so it could be taken to the shop, till nearly 11pm. Don't know whether that tired Samuel out, or it's just that once he puts his head down he's out like a light, but when I went into the kitchen for a drink about 11:30 he didn't stir, nor at 6am this morning when Mom & I were getting our breakfasts.

Jeff & Samuel are off till Sun., so it's just Mom & me. Fortunately, Mom seems to be more or less back to herself, & if both of us together can't manage, I've arranged with Isaac to come over.

Meanwhile, a statement from one of Mom's financial institutions needed to complete her taxes is overdue in arriving, so of course she's a bit upset about it--not that she doesn't have cause for concern, considering the financial neo-social Darwinists, religious fanatics, & just plain lunatics at all levels of government these days. I'm wondering again if taking a course in tax preparation would be a good investment, but the least expensive is a couple of hundred dollars, & the way the tax laws keep changing it would probably be all to do again next year.

Well. I knew bad times were coming more than 30 years ago, raging about the iniquity &/or wrongheadedness of a lot my fellow citizens will only burn through energy I need for the long haul. Therefore...

Switched out some of the knickknacks on display in my room for some with a more Easter/spring motif when I replaced the spent jasmine sprays this evening. The spirea is beginning to bloom, but as yet there isn't enough to bother cutting, & the iris has recovered enough from the beating they took last weekend that they can be brought indoors. I'm thinking that the deep purple combined with the yellow jasmine & pink fringe flowers, & maybe a bit of white from the spirea, will make an attractive & not too garish display. Will see.



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