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The Arkansas Airhead took Jeff's boys visiting her family last weekend, & we took the sliding doors & tracks in the kitchen down & into the workshop for cleaning & repainting, so I had the kitchen to myself long enough to try out the Hawaiian Banana Bread recipe Jeff gave me. Didn't have crushed pineapple so I used chunks, & the flavor probably wasn't as well distributed in the batter, but it turned out well enough--certainly not as dry as the banana bread I made at the fenix & cyclops' place! But definitely need to used crush pineapple next time. But I have a lot of other fruit bread recipes I want to try out before I make the Hawaiian again.

Lindsey had a break between classes & came down to visit Steve & Cheri, she & Steve came over with some flowers as a belated birthday gift for Mom. She made a fuss about cards, flowers, etc. "just throwing money away" as she's done for the last 40 years; but, the economic outlook for ordinary people as uncertain as it is, I have to admit that I agree--& I've been taking her at her word for years & just giving her a pound or so of raw peanuts or a small package of the sweets she likes, & it really does seem to be all she wants.

Mom noticed I donated some of my jewelry to the nearby resale shop, & putting the earrings I want to keep in a box on my dresser, including the carved ivory roses I've had since high school. Guess it made her think, she pulled out the diamond pendant Dad gave her, & asked me if I'd like to have that & her wedding & engagement rings. Told her to offer them to Cheri or Lindsey, I don't care much for diamonds or white stones. So she showed the pendant to Lindz & offered it to her when she was over the other day. I think she might as well give them to Lindz now, Mom hasn't even worn her rings for years, & rarely wore jewelry anyway, & diamonds become Lindsey's complexion.

Mom decided she just didn't like the bouquet as it was, so I broke it into three smaller bouquets, put one in my room & gave another to our neighbor Patty. Mom was right, the smaller bouquets are prettier.

Got a note from the City saying not to put trash/recyclables till the day of pickup--which is BS, inconvenient for working parents, & an actual hardship for some elderly people. Another bright idea from the hoity-toity twits north of Campbell, a letter to the City is in order.

Bah. I'm already in an iffy mood from the shenanigans in D.C. & having to buy a new hard drive, AND my knee's been pretty bad the last week or so. Think I'll get a cold drink & stick pins in my voodoo dolls for a while...
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